Monday, February 24, 2014

Area Mom Meeting Son’s Third Asian Girlfriend Worried He Has Fetish

LOS ANGELES, CA – When meeting her son and his new girlfriend over dinner last weekend, area mom Caitlin Krieger, 54, was surprised to see her son’s girlfriend was also Asian. “Oh wow, another one,” Krieger thought, as she saw the couple walk into the restaurant. Krieger’s son, Matt, 25, had been dating Kristin Chang, also 25, for the past eight months. As Chang explained how the couple first met, Krieger nodded and smiled politely as she was distracted thinking about her son’s past dating history. “The one in college, I think she was Korean, and the one he took to prom, I don’t remember what kind, but she was definitely Asian,” Krieger thought, as she sipped her iced tea. Halfway through her salad, Krieger finally realized her son’s last white girlfriend was in junior high, which doesn’t really count. “The heart wants what the heart wants, but I really hope he’s not one of those guys. It’s kind of creepy,” thought Krieger as the check arrived. Upon leaving the restaurant, Chang deemed the evening a success, as she believed Matt’s mom had not detected her fetish for white guys.

Saturday, February 15, 2014