Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ebola Wins Comeback Virus of the Year at World Disease Awards

In a widely expected result, the Ebola virus won Comeback Virus of the Year at the World Disease Awards. The virus has killed over 3,400 people out of over 7,400 cases so far this year, its largest and most complex outbreak to date. Ebola’s return comes sixteen years after its 1976 – 1998 heyday. “Technically, I never went away. I was always here. I was just mutating into more lethal strains of myself,” said Ebola, which is so far available in five different forms. “You haven’t seen nothing yet. Look out for 2015!” Also at the ceremony was Virus Hall of Famer Polio, which was overheard telling audience members it wasn’t ruling out a return to the infectious disease scene in the near future.

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