Friday, October 10, 2014

(Sort of) Defending White Guys Accused of Having Asian Fetishes

Sometimes my white friends will ask me if it bothers me when I see so many white dudes dating Asian chicks.

I tell them no, because those dudes are just being dudes, getting it when they can.

And not all of those guys have a fetish. Some do, but some don’t. It’s not fair to lump all of them together.

But with all the jokes people make about white guys with Asian fetishes, I wonder why they don’t address the other fetish in these relationships: Asian chicks with white guy fetishes.

For every creepy white guy with an Asian fetish, there are Asian females with the same creepy attitude. Like when she sees a white guy she’s into, she might think, “Oh yeah, I want to play connect the dots with those freckles on his shoulders…”

Or, “Oooooooh, he drinks so much Mountain Dew. That’s sooo hot!”

She may even have a thing for flesh-colored pubes, I don’t know.

And white dudes’ reaction when they realize their Asian girlfriends have a fetish?

“I don’t give a shit, I’m a dude! I’m still getting laid, woo hoo!

Wait a minute, if it’s this easy to get laid by Asian chicks with white guy fetishes, I’m just going to date them from now on!”

Sometimes, it’s not about a fetish, it’s about getting laid.

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