Monday, August 14, 2017

8 Pieces of Unsolicited Career Advice from the Boonies of the Advertising Industry

A few months ago, I went out to lunch with a new coworker. I learned it was his first job in advertising and as he talked about his career aspirations, I found myself giving him all the advice I could think of—things I wish someone told me before I got into this business that I learned the hard way. I felt compelled to share because my career in advertising has been a complete 180 from what I was expecting. They say the best lessons in life come from experience, but some experiences are long, drawn-out wastes of time that can be avoided with a warning. And despite the title of this post, I think there's something in here for everyone—if you're not in advertising, just replace "advertising" with whatever field you're in—"Teaching." "Construction." "Porn." Here are some of the things I’ve learned in my journey so far, all the hard way:

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Proud to be named one of the Top 10,000 Cogs in the Advertising Machine doing all the banner ads & direct mail so the Top 30 can keep doing all the cool shit. #adlife #agencylife #asiancylife #blessed