Thursday, May 11, 2017

On This Day

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Exactly one year ago, I found out the agency I just started working at won a new business pitch. A pitch worth tens of millions of dollars. The agency opened a new office in the client's city specifically to serve the client.

We had less than a week to do it and my boss initially wanted the team to work the weekend before the pitch. But it was Mothers Day weekend, and some of my coworkers with young families had plans, so he scratched the idea. I was going to come in because everyone knew I was from out of state and didn't have any kids, but I wasn't exactly thrilled. I probably didn't do shit that weekend, but happy to get the rest.

We all came in on Monday and worked hard up until the pitch, and as stated in the beginning, we won. I'm willing to bet on all of my family members' graves you've never heard of the agency I work for. But you have heard of all the agencies we beat.

The whole experience was not just a boost to my ego after being laid off from two agencies in three years, but I appreciated my boss for appreciating the people who work for him, and the fact that we are humans who can't be "on" all the time—but he can be sure we will be when it counts.

If "work is life, and life is work," then in my case, generally speaking, work is banner ads and direct mail, and banner ads and direct mail equal life.

Fuck that noise.

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